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Our distribution channels

In Lambi we have several distribution channels within the Mexican Republic to serve the traditional, modern and institutional channel.

Our outstanding participation in the traditional channel has allowed us to place the Bebin Super diapers as one of the top selling brands in the basic segment, achieving an important participation in the Mexican market and constant growth, as well as the satisfaction of all our customers. thanks to the quality and excellent performance of our products.

At present, the diaper industry has been on the rise, which is why in Lambi we are always in a constant struggle to grow along with the market and the most important commercial chains in the country. Our capacity for improvement has allowed us to develop and successfully increase our distribution network in the self-service channel.

Our perseverance to satisfy our clients and maintain excellence in service have allowed us to maintain successful strategies to achieve growth in our distribution network in the Mexican market.


Lambi brands are present throughout the Mexican Republic and abroad. We have commercial offices in Monterrey, Mexico and Guadalajara.


Av. Las Torres 402, Parque Industrial Escobedo, General Escobedo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. 66062

Plant Mexico

Manuel Gonzalez 558-D, Alameda de Cuauhtemoc, Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico. 06450
Phone: 55 5748 2897

Plant Guadalajara

Calle Refineria 1216, Alamo Industrial (entre Yunque y Esmeril), Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico. 44490
Phone: 33 3666 9165 / 33 2666 9140